TOP 10 must have gadget 2010!

1. Apple Iphone - The third-generation iPod Touch still leaves its competitors in the dust.

2. Asus Eee PC 1005HA - Lower price and amazing long lasting battery

3. Flip UltraHD - Easy to use, special design, rechargeable batt, youtube friendly camcorder

4. HTC Hero - Right widgets at the right page, personal guide on local time, weather and maps, staying close with wide variety of channels and applications, interactive Twitter

5. LG enV Touch - Nice touch scree, impressive keyboard and features, full HTML browser

6. Logitech Harmony One - Advanced Universal Remote, Sleek design, both in terms of cosmetics and ergonomics; sharp LCD that offers a touch-screen interface and touch-sensitive buttons for navigation of onscreen menus; Web programmable via Windows or Mac PCs

7. Logitech Squeezebox Boom

8. Nintendo DSI - While not all previous DS owners should upgrade, the DSi is an ambitious and solidly designed portable gaming system.

HTC HD2 (Unlocked GSM) - Part 2

HTC HD2 (Unlocked GSM) - Part 1

Iphone Applications

New with Iphone? Check this video out and you won't have problem getting an application....

This video also shows you the top applications in Iphone that you might like....

Well, Iphone can be a little complicated at first especially when you type messages, browsing through the settings, getting things organized, maybe a little laggy, and Itunes applications makes you go crazy but when you get hold of it, you will love it!

They give you more than just fun!

Good Luck!


This is a very cool application name 'I am T-pain' by T-Pain himself and brought to you by iTunes...

Well, ever thought of how would you sound like being T-Pain or being one of them where you can sing songs such as 'I got a feeling', 'I'm Dawg', 'Whatever you like' and so on..

Got an Iphone? TRY IT ...'i am T-pain'

Worst Food!

Tons of good food to think about, but the top 10 worst food will creep you out!


Mcd's long lasting fries..

The Junk We Love

Everything that is fried just seems wrong... but we all humans enjoy eating every single bite of it. Well, it is OK if you cook french fries at home, what is mean HOME is the real chopped potatoes which you fry it in your home pan without any perservatives but just oil and salt. It is not gonna taste as good as those you eat in Mcdonald's or and fast food restaurant.. but it is real fries! And its 100% potatoes!

French fries we consume outside home especially in fast food restaurant are bad for you, and you need you know this 3 main reason WHY is it BAD for our health.

1. French fries contain and are made from bad carbohydrates..
2. French fries are fried in Trans Fat which can cause heart disease...
3. They contain high level of Acrylamide..which is a possible cancer causing substance.

Also see Food Contaminants

Its not easy to do so...You may not be able to avoid it totally but try too...Eat these junks less, and watch the amount your consume....

Not too much!

McDonald's 4 Year Old Cheeseburger

Originally from

French fries is one of the food that we should avoid, althought it's very tempting. Westerners consume it more than Asians but we all know that McDonald is one of the food which somehow you can find it affordable these days and FAST...

This is also the junk we should not give our children. It is one of the way to keep us staying longer and healthier.

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